Passenger Service with Aloha

Barbers Point Aviation Services include passenger services that will fill your passengers with the feeling of Aloha and the spirit of Hawaii. The first step onto the islands should feel like a home away from home, but beyond that, a place of warm greeting and comfort.


Ground Transportation

G550 with Waiting Navigators + Security

Platinum Limousine

Plane-side crew and VIP transportation provided by award-winning Platinum Limousine with 24 hour service upon request.



Fresh Flower Greeting


Plumeria Girls

Complimentary floral lei greeting for your guests on request.

Story of the “Lei”

These floral garlands were worn by early Hawaiian natives to distinguish themselves from others.

Beautiful, fresh leis are a great way to start a vacation in the islands. At one time, the lei was given wrapped in ti leaf or other native foliage and presented to commoners or people of importance. However, the lei was never placed over the head of another because the head was considered sacred. When presenting leis to royalty, it would customarily be presented to a close representative, and never to them directly.


Today, the lei is given to represent a spirit of affection, welcome and Aloha. The custom today has mellowed to a more free method of presentation by placing the welcoming wreath around the head and onto the shoulders.



Gourmet Catering

Exotic Cheese PlatterBarbers Point Aviation Services’ gourmet catering includes a wide array of foods ranging from breakfast platters filled with fruit and pastries to lunch platters comprised of sandwiches, clubs and croissants in addition to rich desserts that will leave an enriched sense of satisfaction for your crew and passengers.

Our staff is ready to serve you 24/7 with a “Never say No” customer service commitment! While on Island, we offer specialty shopping concierge services for all of your cabin supply needs. Our in-house laundry service stands ready for additional cabin cleaning needs as well as de-planing services with International wast disposal.

We look forward to working with you soon sharing the Aloha of the Hawaiian Islands at Barbers Point Aviation.


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