Barbers Point Aviation offers the on-airfield catering services by Chef Guy Smith, founder of Air Culinaire Catering.

Based in the Washington D.C. area, Air Culinaire was created to provide high end, trend-setting business aviation catering. Within a short period of time, Air Culinaire expanded to 6 locations across the nation, and was considered the leading provider in the business aviation catering industry.

Today, Chef Guy is the owner of Pacific Aviation Catering and his years of experience and air catering expertise is available to you. To read more about Air Culinaire read this article here.


Pacific Aviation Catering

Aloha and welcome to the beautiful islands of Hawaii. We are proud to partner with Barbers Point Aviation, bringing to you exceptional catering and support services traveling here to Oahu. Through our partnership, you will enjoy authentic and innovative indigenous food & beverages from our Islands that are aviation compliant in packaging and presentation.

Our staff is ready to serve you 24/7 with a “Never say No” customer service commitment! While on Island, we offer specialty shopping concierge services for all of your cabin supply needs. Our in-house laundry service stands ready for additional cabin cleaning needs as well as de-planing services with International waste disposal.

We look forward to working with you soon sharing the Aloha of the Hawaiian Islands at Barbers Point Aviation.

-Chef Guy Smith

Vegetabel Platter Seafood Cocktail Platter Sea and CheesePlatters Sandwich Roll Platter Sandwich Platter Pork and Roast Beef Pickle and Vegetable Platter Retouched Pastry Platter Nacho Roast Beef Platter Retouched Mushroom Chicken Lunch Fruit Platter Fried Sea Platter Exotic Cheese Platter Desert Platter Retouched Club and Croissant Platter Retouched Cheese, Fruit and Cracker Platter Breakfast Platter Retouched